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Get your Vintage, French Provincial, Shabby Chic, Country, Rustic Style Homewares here.  Give your home the extra special touch with home decor.

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Love your piece, but it needs a makeover?  Ask us how or come and learn from one of our workshops.  Revamp it!

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Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

Check out our Sweet Pickins Milk Paint.  No prep work!  Create an authentic look reminiscent of a chippy/aged/timeworn piece.  Gorgeous colours to suit every taste.  What are you waiting for?

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Hello and welcome to Blessed Vintage. My name is Tamie, founder and owner of Blessed Vintage. On my website you will find Home Décor items, Flexible Resin Appliqués, Léssentiel Paints and Finishes, Sweet Pickins Milk Paint, Cling On! Brushes and “How To” Workshops. I love and am inspired by pieces that carry influences from vintage, rustic, country, french provincial, hamptons, farmhouse, shabby chic and even a little Industrial, but not limited to a particular style.

We are located on the Southside of Brisbane, half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The online store is open 24/7 with delivery Australia wide or order pickup/collection is also offered. Feel free to search the website. My aim is to provide good old fashioned honest customer service along with products that are affordable and good quality. My home studio is open by appointment only for viewings and order collections - we are all busy and I am very flexible with viewing times and order collections.

I think we all deserve a second chance and furniture can be added to that list too. It’s amazing how a coat of paint refreshes something. Painting is known to be therapeutic and it’s all about creating new chapters. Painting is actually quite easy. I hold ‘how to and hands on’ workshops on the Southside of Brisbane that are fun, knowledge gaining and are small group focussed. I also hold one on one workshops if you prefer that. My workshop dates, types and prices are all under the Workshops tab.

You simply can’t go wrong with Léssentiel Furniture Paints and Finishes. I really do love these products and highly recommend them. You can achieve anything from a vintage look, rustic country to a modern sleek look. They can be applied to wood, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic – even fabric. Léssentiel offer gorgeous colours that are water based, eco safe, zero voc and made with added natural clays and minerals creating a smooth consistency which is easy to paint and gives a professional finish. They are Australian owned and hand-made locally in Brisbane. The finest botanical ingredients are used, creating a stunning range of ethical, stylish and environmentally-conscious products. Formulas are kept simple and pure to avoid allergies and irritations. If you want a safe paint with no nasty chemicals and that doesn’t smell like regular paint, look no further. It is safe to paint anywhere, including a baby’s nursery. The Finishes products include a wide range of waxes, oils, sealers, speciality sealers and waxes, aging dust, translucent glazes, gilding waxes, oils, gorgeous stains and a rusted product that is truly amazing.

The Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is a totally different type of paint. Being a milk paint it comes in powder form and you can make it as thick or thin as you like. Sweet Pickins Milk Paint (SPMP) is environmentally safe and non-toxic. SPMP is 100% VOC free and is made with all natural earth materials. Milk Paint will react different to different surfaces. Sometimes you will get a very chippy, aged worn looking effect, while other times you will have no chippy at all. Milk Paint must be top coated. I have many top coats/waxes available to choose from. To make the paint, you simply mix the powder with warm water and mix/shake. This is definitely a paint to play and experiment with.

The Appliqués I stock are flexible resin, so you can bend them, screw them, drill them, paint / wax them. You simply glue them down with liquid nails or silicone. They can be applied to indoor or outdoor pieces. They will give your projects the French look and turn a boring piece into something with much detail. Prices and sizes are all available under the Appliqués tab.

Lastly, the Cling On! Paint Brushes. They are the absolute top of the line synthetic brushes for all water borne paints. They come in 4 shapes -round, oval, flat and bent. They are extremely strong, but still gentle. Extremely durable, super easy to clean. You will get superb cutting in. Minimize brush marks for a smoother finish. Super soft and super affordable!

Please feel free to follow me on my Facebook page - and/or Instagram

If you need any more information, please contact me in the contact us section. Have a great day.

Blessed Vintage

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